The Story of City Harvest

The Story of City Harvest

With every box purchased, we have made the decision to donate an equal amount of produce to our chosen London-based charity, City Harvest. 

With thousands of Londoners going hungry every day, it is their goal to get healthy, safe and usable food to them from a range of sources. 

They provide support to 300 organisations that feed the city's most vulnerable people, regularly delivering high-quality ingredients to organisations that provide meals including homeless shelters, soup kitchens, children's programs, centres for the elderly, and refuges for women experiencing domestic violence.

To date, they have redistributed food valued at more than £10 million, free, to their partners and offset over 12,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

It was hugely important to us that we supported a worthwhile charity as part of Boxfood, and as soon as we heard about City Harvest and all their amazing work, we knew they were the right people to partner with. We feel strongly about giving back to society, particularly in today's turbulent economy. 

Everyone should have the right to have access to healthy, nutritious food - this is the backbone of our basic needs as human beings.

We hope to provide thousands of ingredients to support this cause, all possible thanks to your purchases of our boxes. The more boxes you buy, the more ingredients we can donate to City Harvest.


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